Hey Everyone, This is my first post of 2018 (a bit late, but oh wells) – I hope everyone is having a good year so far.  This post has been ready for a while, however… View Full Post

I haven’t written a post since June (well I wrote one for the Homeless Project in August but still it’s been a while). I was in two minds about writing this because I wasn’t sure… View Full Post

It has been about two months since I wrote my last post. University and exams really took over my life, but I am finally done with Second year! I hope everyone’s exams went well and… View Full Post

Please ask yourself this question: “When I finish university, what am I going to do next?” Sit down and really take in this question, as I know some of you may not have any answers… View Full Post

“Everyone is a Youtuber now” “Everyone is a Blogger now” “Everyone is a this…Everyone is a that” These are phrases I have seen and heard a lot recently. I see it in a tweet/status or… View Full Post