Help ~ Inspire ~ Change

Starting this blog was scary. All kinds of negative thoughts went through my head – “oh another blogger”, “her posts are rubbish” – however, I’ve learnt that fear is the biggest enemy to success. How will I be able to achieve my goals, if I am always worried about what others think? I may not be the best writer, but my words can still have an impact on someone’s life. This blog was created to represent my 3 life goals: Help, Inspire and Change – I want to be able to help and inspire people to achieve their passions and life long goals. I want to provide a new insight into different topics and change current mindsets. I hope my words encourage you to overcome any obstacle and act as guidance through tough times. I’m not an expert or life guru, but I do care about the well-being of others and hope to make a positive difference where I can.

Hope you like my blog, See you soon! x

Other Projects:

I am the founder of The Homeless PR – a research project on Homelessness which aims to raise awareness, tackle the stereotypes and create/ use existing methods to reduce Homelessness in the UK

I am in charge of Editorial for the Aleto Foundation (nee Powerlist Foundation). I write some of the Success Stories of our members. To view some of my posts, click here