This Homeless Story was written by Noelle Okwedy (@NoelleOkwedy). Here is her account of the August Homeless Walk, where she met Joe: “The team and I met Joe on the 22nd of August 2017 on our… View Full Post

This Homeless Story was written by Noelle Okwedy (@NoelleOkwedy) During one of our walks in Oxford Street, we met a 46-year-old man, named Chris. A few months prior, Chris had everything a man could want;… View Full Post

A few months ago, I launched my Homeless Project to raise awareness of homelessness and tackle the stereotypes associated with it. I also wrote about the story of Tony. If you have not already, please… View Full Post

I have recently started my research project, which aims to raise awareness of homelessness. I am doing this because I believe that Homelessness is an issue that we are becoming desensitised to due to general… View Full Post