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This is my first post of 2018 (a bit late, but oh wells) – I hope everyone is having a good year so far.  This post has been ready for a while, however I don’t know why it has taken me so long to publish it. As you can tell by the title, this post is about my trip to Germany and Hungary.  I wanted to a share a few pictures and things I have learnt about travelling so far.

Some of you may or may not know, but I am trying to go to #30countriesunder30 – so far I have been to 5, so 25 more to go! Hopefully, a few more countries will see me this Summer (fingers crossed!) Some of you may be wondering why 30 countries under 30? To be honest, I have always wanted to travel and having a target encourages me to be more active with this desire. Initially, fear and finances were holding me back, however, I am now in this ‘just do it’ mood and have been introduced to websites which offer affordable flights – so nothing is really stopping me now!

So far this year, I have been to Germany and Hungary. In February, I went to visit my friend, Georgelene, who is doing a study abroad in Germany and was there for about 4 days. The Following Month, I went to  Hungary with my friends, Jessica and Banke. Both trips were amazing. It was nice to be out of London and see something different. Between the two, Budapest was definitely my fav. Everything about the city was great, especially the food! It was so cheap as well. A single train ticket was equivalent to 84p or so.

There were so many pros to both trips to be fair, I think the only con was the stares in both countries (I did not realise people were so fascinated by Black people lol) At first, it was annoying but then overtime you just get used to it and brush it off. Plus, it did not ruin either trip for me so its all goooooood! :)

Here are a few pictures below:

Mannheim, Germany

While I was in Germany, I went to Mannheim, Heidelberg and Frankfurt.

Inside Mannheim Schloss (Castle)

Outside Mannheim Schloss















Wasserturm (Water Tower)


Behind the Wasserturm plus me :)

Views from Heilderberg Castle

My friend, Georgelene and I – A special thanks to Georgelene for making my trip to Germany so fab, love you lots xoxo


More views from Heidelberg Castle


Ended my trip with a German delicacy, Currywurst – It’s a fried sausage, cut into pieces, seasoned with curry sauce/powder & served with chips.

Budapest, Hungary

I was in Budapest for 5 days & it was sooooooo fun – make sure you go at some point!

At the start of the Segway Tour

Hősök tere (Hero’s Square)

Outside Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Outside the Gellert Spa

On our River Cruise

Photo from our River Cruise

Breakfast at STIKA ft Kiwi and Lemon Juice & Cinnamon flavoured Hot Chocolate

Breakfast at STIKA

Dinner at MAZEL TOV

Deserts at the Ruszwurm Confectionery

We also bumped into my friend, Bianka and her sister!

Love this picture so much! :) – Selfie before our adventures around Budapest ft Banke and Jessica

I know this picture is poor quality, but the actual view was amazing. This picture really doesn’t do it any justice. This was our final night, and a friend of a friend just offered to give us a final tour of Budapest. It was such a lovely gesture. Budapest will definitely see me again at some point!


I took so many more pictures, but I don’t want to make picture thread too long. Also, I want to share some tips. Hope you take something from this.

For flights:

  • Skyscanner – I discovered Skyscanner recently and I am loving it so far. Skyscanner provides cheap flights and shows you the best and the worst times of the year to travel in terms of cost (Green: Cheap, Amber: OK and Red: Expensive). From what I’ve seen so far, Ryan Air and Easy Jet are the cheapest airlines. I’ve flown with both and have a different perspective on the two.
    • Ryan Air-  Pros: Very Cheap, you are allowed a handbag and hand luggage | Cons: Delays (The set off/arrival time may be later than planned)
    • Easy Jet-  Pros: Cheap and great customer service | Cons: You are only allowed hand luggage. A handbag/ extra luggage needs to be checked in at an extra cost, which was a bit frustrating.

Disclaimer: This is if you’re flying as a non-priority passenger.

Personally, I prefer Easy Jet because of the customer service and good timing. However, I do wish you were allowed both a handbag and hand luggage at no extra cost. It is a lot more convenient. I would not completely write off Ryan Air, as the flights are very cheap. It is all a matter of preference, to be honest.

  • Google Flights – I don’t know much about this, but I’ve heard it’s good. Just thought I’d drop it in this post either way.

For Accommodation:

  • Airbnb – Only thing I’ve tried so far and will continue to use (unless I’m feeling really boujee and want a hotel). It’s just a lot cheaper. Like everything, Airbnb has it’s pros and cons, but I’ve had a positive experience so far.

Extra things to do:

  • Create an itinerary –Make it as detailed as possible. You may not stick to it 100% but it provides direction and ensures you will make the most of your time in your chosen country.
  • Look into travel methods within the country – At first, I wanted to rely on taxis 24/7, but then I realised this was such a waste of money. You’ll find that travel is a lot cheaper in some European countries. For example, a single train ticket in Budapest is equivalent to £1. I’d recommend seeing if there is a travelcard for bus, tram and train travel to make things easier for yourself.
  • Research some of the countries customs – For example I didn’t realise jaywalking was illegal in some countries lol (the road will be absolutely empty and some people will still not cross at a red light)

Like I said before, I still have a lot to learn, but these are just a few things I thought I’d share.

Hope you enjoyed this post and join me on #30CountriesUnder30

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. You can email me at


God bless,


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