The Homeless PR

What is the Project about?

The Homeless Project (also known as The Homeless PR) is a project dedicated to raising awareness , tackling the stereotypes associated with Homelessness and unravelling the truths surrounding Homelessness. The tagline “giving a voice to the voiceless” represents the need for an equal voice among all people regardless of their situation.

Why am I doing this?

According to Shelter, in 2018 at least 320,000 people were homeless in Britain. It is difficult to gauge exact figures so this could be significantly higher. Nonetheless, action needs to be taken. Unfortunately, homelessness has become an issue that society has become desensitised to, and with this, it has also created a culture of misconceptions around the issue. We believe that treating the homeless as alcoholics or drug addicts is not just or right. Through this project, I hope to educate people on the complexity of homelessness and support in any way possible.

What have we done so far?

Since the launch in April 2017, The Homeless PR has conducted research on various areas in the UK. Through our research we have been able to develop a better understand of the issue and analyse trends in different areas. Additionally, to date (as of Sept 2019) we have distributed over 300 care packages to the homeless in London, Birmingham, Loughborough and Leicester.

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Here is a list of the walks we have done so far:

1.  17 April 2017 | Our First Homeless Walk, London Bridge & Charing Cross

Our first walk symbolised the official launch of the project. We created 20 food packs to give out in London Bridge, Charing Cross and areas nearby.  For all of us, it was interesting to get a real insight into Homelessness. Our packs included a bottle of water, snacks (packet of crisps and a cereal bar) and a sandwich.

2.  22nd July 2017 | King’s Cross, Camden and Tottenham Court Road

This was our second walk. After the first one in London Bridge/ Charing cross we had a better idea of items that would be essential. For this walk, we created 30 packs and included hygiene items such as sanitary towels for women, toothpaste and toothbrushes, underwear and socks. We started off in Kings Cross and split into three groups. Through our walk, we were able to hand out our packs, but also hear the stories of those who were currently homeless. After about an hour, we went to Tottenham court road, followed by Camden to give out our remaining items.

3.  12th September 2017 | Westminister, Elephant & Castle, Brixton

For our September walk, we wanted to focus on Westminister. In 2016, Westminister had the highest proportion of Homeless people, with a striking one of in 25 people being  Homeless. We created only 10 packs for this walk, but were able to learn a lot about the roots of Homelessness. After hours of walking, we passed through Elephant and Castle and Brixton.

4.  28th October 2017 | London Bridge and Charing Cross

For October, we decided to go back to London Bridge and Charing Cross, to see if there was a change in the number of Homeless people in the area. For this walk, we created another 20 packs. One thing we noticed is that there were a lot more Homeless people in Charing Cross, especially inside the station – it was shocking!

5. 16th December 2017 | Our Christmas Walk, North, East, South, West London

For many of us, Christmas is a time of unity. It is a chance to spend time with your loved ones in a warm and cosy environment. You are able to reminisce over your most cherished memories and make new ones over the exchange of Christmas presents and great food. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Homeless people are forced to spend their Christmas alone and on the cold hard streets and it is not fair. This Christmas we wanted to do something special for those who are homeless. The Homeless PR team organised a Christmas themed walk, where we had 4 groups in the North, East, South and West of London.

Thank you to everyone who supported us. We were able to exceed our target of £1000 in 4 days and our new aim was to give out 52 sleeping bags and hold all bags and 100 food/care packs.

Some of our items – on the night we gave out Sleeping bags, hold all bags, sandwiches, snacks, water, socks, underwear, toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, wipes, gloves and sanitary towels.
North Group| Team Lead: Folu
East Group| Team Lead: Nana
South Group | Team Lead: Noelle
West Group| Team Lead: Maya

6. 24th February 2018 |  Birmingham

This was our first Homeless walk in Birmingham. Led by our Birmingham lead, Grace, the group gave out 15 essential packs, jumpers, snacks and some hot drinks.

7. 10th March 2018 | Stratford

We first went to Stratford during our Christmas Walk. There is a large homeless community who congregate in the shopping centre after hours, so we decided to create 40 care/food packs to distribute among the homeless there.

8. 16th – 22nd July 2018 | The Homeless PR Week

“The Homeless PR week” was a series of homeless walks taking place around London to distribute care packs and show love and encouragement to those currently on the streets. Areas covered included Stratford, Charing Cross, Woolwich Arsenal and King’s Cross. We used this opportunity to develop a better understanding of Homelessness and find out what we can do to tackle this issue.

9. 22nd December 2018 | Christmas Homeless Walk

On 22nd Decemeber 2018, we had our second Christmas outreach. We had 3 groups representing North (Borough of Haringey), East (Stratford Shopping Centre) and South (Borough of Lambeth) London. We exceeded our initial target of £850, and raised £1,120. As a result, we were able to distribute 70 packs. This included sleep bags, hold all bags, food, water, toiletries and warm clothes.

South Group
North Group
East Group

10. 15th February 2019 | Valentine’s Day Walk